WWS (Walk with a Scholar)

Walk with a scholar programme is a novel and flagship initiative of the department of Collegiate education, government of Kerala. WWS scheme proposes to arrange specialized mentoring programmes for students in undergraduate programme in Arts, Science and Commerce and to provide guidance for their future. The scheme introduces the idea of mentoring and builds on the concept of mentor as a ‘Guide’ and ‘friend’.

Mentoring is a personal enhancement strategy through which one person facilitates the development of another by sharing known resources, expertise, values, skills, perspectives, attitudes and proficiencies. It allows the learner to build skills and knowledge while attaining goals for carrier development.

The preliminaries of newly introduce programmes WWS started in our institution in the year 2014-2015, immediately after receiving intimation from the authority concerned. Its target is to develop certain generic skills, non-technical competencies, attitudes and behaviors that contribute to a person’s sense of self and personal well-being.


Dr.Savita Pramod ( Department of Hindi)